Some blogs and books promote the donate button as a business model. There are lots of variations: Buy me a coffee Buy me a beer Support my site But it all amounts to the same thing. Begging. {Or panhandling. Maybe we could call it busking. Give a little performance for a few coins?} Kind of [...]


When I first ordered my GoPro camera, I couldn't wait to use it. We were booked for a press trip to the Galapagos (we had snorkeling on the brain) and a fully waterproof camera would be amazing. But aside from the underwater function, I was excited about the time lapse function. The GoPro shoots in 0.5, [...]


So you like to travel? The travel blogging industry is continually growing, with more and more people wanting to make traveling the world their full-time job. Travel blogging requires passion, hard work and determination. Do you have what it takes? Use this guide to get you started on making your dream a reality! In order [...]


When you have a blog you want people to see it and keep coming back. Of course, to make sure people see your blog you have to format your posts properly. It's also best to have your site hosted on your own domain. But creating a return reader is something else entirely. In order to [...]


We've all been there. Well, at least I have. What size is this image supposed to be? Every social network has it's own set of parameters. Some use a round thumbnail (yes, I'm talking about you Google+) while the majority use square. What is the ideal posting size so that important parts aren't cropped off? [...]


Have you ever thought about blogging as being therapeutic? It can be, much the way keeping a diary is - except better. The first definition Merriam-Webster gives for therapeutic is: "producing good effects on your body or mind." Blogging can do both in a number of ways.  Here are my top 8 reasons why blogging is [...]


While there are many ways to monetize a blog, Google Adsense is one of the most common and the most popular. Having trouble getting your account approved with Google? You should check out this piece I wrote on Google AdSense Approval in 8 Steps. The following infographic by breaks down the following five factors: [...]


Made popular by the 4 Hour Work Week, outsourcing has become the standard in doing business online. Sure, it's true that some applications can save you lots of time. Right now, I'm loving Buffer App for managing social networks. But these apps can only go so far. They can't research your next post, fix a [...]


Just having something to say isn't enough. A great blog post must be properly formatted. It is easier to read, gets shared more often and ranks better in search. In this post, you'll learn about steps to formatting your post properly. Detailed explanation with examples below. Title Lengths: Don't use too many words (4-8) and [...]


Choosing your domain name can be a complicated process. The next step of buying your domain is much easier. And while it isn't that difficult, it can be confusing if you've never done it before. As you go through the process there are a number of fine details/options. Which ones do you need? Which ones [...]


We've all been there. We have a new blog (without many readers) and we are trying to keep costs down. Adding a newsletter seems like just another unnecessary expense. It takes time and money to create and manage a great blog newsletter - and often these are in short supply. When should you start your [...]


When I first heard about blogging, I didn't really see the potential. In late 2008, my wife started a free Blogger (Google) blog to document our progress in our move to Ecuador. It was private - meaning that only those with an invite could see it. We didn't want to share our life online. How [...]

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