HTML Cheat Sheet: 19 Essential Tags for Non-Techie Bloggers thumbnail

HTML coding is for developers, not bloggers, right? That's true to a certain degree. The WordPress blogging platform makes it almost unnecessary to know HTML. Compared to years ago, I almost never use HTML. Back in the day, I used to hand-code my sites. Of course, it took forever and they didn't look very good. [...]

monetize a blog

Learn how to monetize a blog from eight online business owners. In this post, I interview 8 online business owners about how they make money with their blog. We've written about how we make money on our blogs. We also discussed the question: How much traffic is needed before monetizing Today we want to go [...]

waterproof speaker

I'm a pretty avid reader. And I love book lists. Here's why: There are just too many business (and personal development) books to waste time buying + hoping that a new title will be any good. I put a lot of weight in recommendations and reviews. I love Amazon reviews - their crowd-sourced rating system [...]


Do you want to make a GoPro time lapse video? Confused about which settings you need? While it sounds complicated, it isn't. In this post, I'll cover the specific settings needed to create a quality time lapse video, including the shooting interval, image resolution, and playback rate. I'll also cover the specific gear and tips you'll [...]

word crimes

Word crimes. Are you guilty? (I know I am.) English is such a complex language, it would be impossible to avoid them all. In this post, I am going to cover some of the most common mistakes. And some resources to help you improve your blogging grammar. While it is impossible to list all the [...]


How's your grammar? Oh, is that a bit of a sensitive topic? While grammar issues might irritate us, no one wants their writing to be exposed to heartless criticism. As a blogger, you need to know the rules. Take the time to learn basic grammar and you'll forever improve your writing. A book like The Little [...]

Fix GoPro Audio: External Mic 3.5mm Adapter Review thumbnail

It's no secret that I love my GoPro. I've created body-boarding, Galapagos animal, and sunset timelapse videos. It is great for both underwater and timelapse videos. But all is not well with the GoPro Hero3. It has horrible audio!  Although nothing will stop me from using my GoPro, I wish that it had better audio. [...]

Audio-Technica ATR-3350 Lavalier Condenser Mic Review thumbnail

Good audio is pretty important. Viewers will tolerate some video issues (shake or poor exposure) - but if your audio is bad then they won't stick around. We recently purchased a set of new video gear to improve the quality of our audio. Along with a new video camera we purchased some new wired mics: Audio-Technica [...]

seagulls gopro

And now for something completely different. As bloggers we can work and then take time off - when ever we want to. A few months ago we traveled from Ecuador to Florida and then drove to Canada with my parents. We flew into Orlando where my parents picked us up and we drove to Daytona [...]

online video creation

We started making web videos with a basic point and shoot camera. We later upgraded to dSLR video. And they have had decent success. But we have had some audio quality issues - especially for voice. It was time to upgrade. Until now, we've been using both a new Canon point and shoot and an [...]


There are lots of reasons to publish a blog newsletter. And regardless of the age of your blog, the best time to start a newsletter is today. But then the question arises: There are no shortage of options: MailChimp, Constant Contact and Vertical Response. In my opinion, the answer is simple: AWeber. Note: I am both a [...]


This week I want to share specifics about what we use to run our online business. It has taken a full five years to sort these service providers and tools to where we are right now. And I'm confident that they will continue to change as our business grows, and as there are new/better options [...]

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